8 Hours of Peaceful Wave SoundsㅣAtlactic Ocean Beach Ambience for Sleep, Study, Relaxㅣ4K ASMR

블러리힐 명찰 롱

(원작자 코멘트)

People feel most comfortable when they hear nature. Among them, water-related noises are the most effective sounds that can relax people psychologically. Not only listening to the sounds of water but also observing the flow and fluctuations of water can give you so much relaxation. The gentle sound of the waves from the beach is the best lullaby that can make us fall a deep sleep. Thanks for Watching!

Camera : SONY FX3 Cinema Line Action Cam : GoPro Hero9 Black Lenses : – SONY FE 24-70mm f2.8 GM, – SONY FE 20mm f1.8 – CARL ZEISS 50MM T2.1 PL Mic : SONY XLR-K3M, ECM-XM1 #relaxingsound #whitenoise #rainsounds #4kasmr #4kwalking

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